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Nashville Hillbilly Gags/Jokes/Funny Stuff
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       Speaking Southern (like it should be spoke) Book

A book for learning how to speak real "Suthurn" with a twang and a drawl! ('Cause until you can speak Suthern, you can't order grits at a restaurant or holler jist right, "Ya'll come back, ya heeeeeeeeeere!")


       Salesmen's Laugh Book

Sooo---you dislike selling, can't sell and don't know anything about selling,...your problem is simple....Get Out Of Sales!


       Heard Around Turkey Trot Book

A book of amusin tales from tha South and a Suthern Dikshunary


       Nashville Hillbilly 3 piece Chicken Dinner

Sometimes you're just hungry for chicken! Here's a three-piece chicken dinner for your next picnic.
(1 Package)

      ONLY $2.00

       Nashville Hillbilly Fish Dinner

Sometimes you would rather have fish! Here's a fish dinner for your next picnic.
(1 Package)

      ONLY $2.00

       Nashville Hillbilly Quarter Pounder

Still hungry??? Never get far from the Burger King with a "Quarter Pounder!" 1 Package

      ONLY $2.00

       Nashville Hillbilly Can of Possum

Need sumpin" real tasty to eat? What about possum for lunch??? "Contents: 100% pure possum killed dead by a Yankee driving a '49 green Buick with Michigan tags on Highway 100 near Fairview, Tennessee. Guaranteed sun-cured for one full day on asphalt Serving Suggestions: Tastes great with sweet taters, R.C.Coli & a Moon Pie."
(1 Labeled Can)

      ONLY $3.00

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