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HOW 'bout you?

Nashville is home of the famous Goo Goo candy cluster, longest-running advertiser on the Grand Ole Opry for many years. Everyone heard the jingle at the Opry, "Go get a Goo Goo, it's good!" The chocolate-covered clusters are filled with caramel, marshmallow and nuts : peanuts,pecans or peanut butter. Goo Goos are "mmm, mmm, good!" You just gotta try some today!

(Of course, "GOO" could stand for "Grand Ole Opry!")

Try one of each!

Introductory Offer
3 GooGoo Clusters (1 Pecan, 1 Peanut, & 1 Peanut Butter)
Remember how good they are!

"Go Get A Goo Goo It's GOOD"
ONLY $6.99


Goo Goo Clusters Goo Goo Clusters
Peanut three-pack
(3 Clusters)
Pecan three-pack
(3 Clusters)

Goo Goo Cluster Candy
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Goo Goo Cluster Candy
Gift To Mail
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